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Shopping Therapy with Your Money
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A little shopping therapy with one of my foot slave’s money at the mall. The first pic is trying on the top, and the last pic is me wearing it out. Nothing puts a smile on my face like buying shoes and cute outfits with your money! ;) In the last pic, I’m wearing my favorite boots! They make me look like a giantess and I tower over practically everyone when I wear them! I’m guessing I’m around 6’4″ when I put them on, and I love being taller and more in control over my foot slaves when they have to literally look up just to see me. It’s a lot easier on your neck just to stare down at my feet, that’s where your gaze always belongs.


Funny Shirt that reminded me of my foot blog! I would have bought it if it said “Be GOOD and you will end up on my blog”, but of course some of my “fucktard” stories end up on here as well.







Wearing my new black top with my Steampunk Boots out to a munch…


Wishlist Wedges!
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One of my foot slaves was ordered to spoil me by purchasing a pair of shoes off my Amazon Wishlist and he chose these wooden wedge sandals by Chinese Laundry! I love how super cute they look with a fresh coat of pink nail polish and contrasting with the green in the grass. I’ll definitely be wearing these a lot over the summer and make him lick them clean when he worships my feet in person.








Donate Now To My Shoe and Pedicure Fund
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I finally started a new donation system for my blog so go here to fund my shoe, heels, boots, socks, nylons, and pedicures!



Pink Built-in Knee High Sock Flip Flops!
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These look kinda weird but very geek chic! And they keep my legs warm even after a pedicure. Speaking of which, I really need one! Who’s going to pamper me with a pedicure? If you want to see pics of my next spa day before I posted them on my blog, don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter! :)


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photo 3

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Free Members ONLY Newsletter
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I’ve finally done it! I’m starting my own Free Members Only Newsletter, which will include exclusive photos, foot fetish stories or events, video updates before I post them on my blog, and news about my life and my feet about once a week directly to your inbox!

Sign up here:



Glitter Pink Heels on My Perfect Feet
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Glitter pink heels from one of my new foot boys! yay! They look amazing and I love wearing them. Definitely what I’ll be wearing next time I go out!</p>

spoilmyfeet-pinkheels-373 spoilmyfeet-pinkheels-380 spoilmyfeet-pinkheels-379 spoilmyfeet-pinkheels-378 spoilmyfeet-pinkheels-377 spoilmyfeet-pinkheels-376 spoilmyfeet-pinkheels-375 spoilmyfeet-pinkheels-374

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One of my sexiest pairs of heels by far are my Mojitos! Designed by an architect to cover only the minimal amount while still offering a comfortable heel. I keep these on display in my room because, to me, they are just as beautiful as art. Thank you to the very special shoe slave who purchased them for me! ;)


Become a Facebook Fan & Red Strappy Heels!
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Join my Facebook Fan page by clicking here and hitting “LIKE” - https://www.facebook.com/spoilmyfeet

I’ve had an FB for a while but I never used it but always had requests so now I’m finally making it into a fan page so I don’t have to accept friend requests, makes it easier for me to focus on posting photos and receiving foot worship instead!

Wouldn’t you just love to worship my feet in these red strappy heels? ;)




Feet Love
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Pedicure - before and after
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I'm in Bali and went straight for a fresh mani/pedi to start my trip off right. My sexy toes in silver polish then my red/pink glitter polish after my pedicure on the beach in my new pink Havanas. Loving my vacay at the beach! Full body massage today. Update later for details on it. I normally just go for a foot or basic massage, never a full. Should be interesting... ;)

Princess KC


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